Stagnum salis


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The flower of salt with oregano, Flower of salt and Flower of salt with sage.
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35,00 kn
35,00 kn

In the Stagnum salis souvenir we tried to show all the wealth and cultural heritage that Ston has to offer.Dubrovnik's ship from 14th century, witch was used to transport salt from Ston all over the world, is printed on this box. This box contains ampoules of flavored salts with sage, oregano and flower of salt, offering scents of summer as a magic box of memories of Ston,south and summer. Salt as a fundamental inspiration for making our souvenirs opens the enchanted world of Mediterranean smells and flavors, all those who are truly lovers of the beauty of the sea, as well as the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the ancient city of Ston.